T-One Professional Photographic Studio Equipment

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T-One Professional Photographic Studio Equipment

T-One is professional photographic studio equipment produced by a family owned and operated business with a focus on customer service and quality products. We believe that equipment for a photographer is the same as a mechanic with his tools. The tools the he needs to be successful. They need to be of high quality and reliable.

We currently have 2 offices with more planned for the future to provide local support and customers service, 1st Line Digital Pty based in Queensland, Australia & First Line Europe Ltd based in Cumbria, UK.

Our offices will ship Word Wide, from Australia to New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific Nations and from the UK to Europe, North & South America, Africa and The Middle East and India.

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Our Experience.

We have been in business since October 2000 and have been since 2009 selling Photographic Studio Lighting Equipment to photographers of all levels and backgrounds. Our focus is on Customer Service and providing A brand that provides piece of mind innovation and value for money for photographers

About Colin

Colin has been an avid photographer since his early teens. He is passionate about his craft, striving to find excellence to provide more than just an image. He chooses subjects that can become a work of art that you would be proud to display in any location.

He takes pride on passing on the art of photography to all levels in an easy to understand, cheerful and helpful manner. He has been running workshops for in excess of 5 years and is currently the organiser of The Brisbane Photography Meetup Group which currently has over 500 members.

Images that are more than just photographs Colin uses several formats to capture works of art from his Digital SLR Camera through to a Pin Hole Camera. His subjects range from landscapes and seascapes to sports and the human form. For about the last 15 years years his art has been published in coffee table books and online. In 2012 his art was exhibited in The Arts Takes On Times Square Exhibition.

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T-One Professional Photographic Studio Equipment

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