Photographer Sponsorship

Our Photographer Sponsorship Program

Photographer Sponsorship – We are always keen to help, nurture and sponsor Students, Emerging and Established Photographers, Camera Clubs and Not For Profit Organisations using our Photographer Sponsorship Program.

In our Photographer Sponsorship Program we are looking for innovative, artistic and trustworthy photographers that we are able to support with the use of loan equipment, events and workshops each year.

General Guidelines:

In connection with this support, T-One offers a Photographer Sponsorship Program (the “Program”) through which a limited number of select T-One products are loaned and/or donated for use by photographers for select projects.

The guidelines for the Photographer Sponsorship Program are set forth below.

Please read these guidelines fully before submitting your request related to the Photographer Sponsorship Program .

This Program is targeted at Students, Emerging and Established Photographers . Requests will be evaluated on an individual basis. We have a limited amount of equipment available, so not all qualified requests can be supported. T-One’s decision regarding a request is made in its sole, non-reviewable discretion and is final.

How Our Photographer Sponsorship Program Works?

We are looking for trustworthy photographers to form a working relationship that is beneficial to us both. We only accept a small number of photographers each year into the Photographer Sponsorship Program. These photographers must be willing to:-

  • Complete Our Photographer Sponsorship Program application and agreement.
  • To provide us on a set timescale provide both images and content  for use in our blog using our equipment.

What Are We Looking For?

  • All types of photographer from Fashion To Sport, Macro to Landscape.
  • Photographers that can provide images that are different.
  • Photographers that are Trustworthy and can be loyal to our brand.
  • Photographers willing to supply images and content in accordance with our Photographer Sponsorship Program application and agreement.

We Are Not Looking For Photographers That!

  • Just want free or cheap Photographic Studio Lighting.
  • That are not able to be loyal to our brand.
  • That can not provide the content as part of Photographer Scholarship Program application and agreement.

Please Use The Form Below For More Information Regarding The Photographer Scholarship Program

Professional Photographic Studio Lighting Equipment And Photographer Sponsorship Program

Professional Photographic Studio Lighting Equipment