Edwin Vink – Photographer – Thia Colorful Diner, Atlanta, Georgia, USA  – Edwin Vink

If You See Some, Get Some!

Edwin Vink – Photographer. “Skateboarding is all about utilizing the street and everything it has got to offer. I tried to light this so the skater would stand out from the background but not stir the scene.”

I like the colours to match, and a spot like this where you have to be quick and resourceful.

I think using one light this played out pretty well.

Lighting Setup

Please see the Lighting Diagram and details below of this shot,

  • The light was set to the left of the image
  • I used a one light setup for this shot which was a T-One AD-360 at 1/16 power to provide depth and fill to the subject.
  • I used an 8mm Fish Eye Lens.
  • ISO 100
  • F8
  • 1/125 Sec Shutter Speed.
  • The flash was triggered with a Cactus Trigger and Reciever.
Edwin Vink - Photographer

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Lighting Diagram

Lighting Diagram