12 Aug 2014
August 12, 2014

Eddie Vink – Unknown Skater

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Eddie Vink – Unknown Skater

Eddie Vink – This image was taken at a Skate park during a US Road Trip.

We needed to works fast as a storm was brewing and wanted to get the shot before the rain.

Unfortunately we did not get the skaters name but he made an excellent subject.

Lighting Setup

I currently use the AD-360 I love these units because of their portability, power and flash duration for action shots.

The lighting setup consisted of 2 x T-One AD360 on Light Stands.

Nikon D300s at a low level 20 cm from the ground.

Eddie Vink

Eddie Vink – Click To See Larger Image

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It offers studio quality lighting either as a hotshoe studio flash or as an off-camera flash. Perfect for outdoor photography, journalistic and portrait shooting.

Lighting Diagram

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