12 Aug 2014
August 12, 2014

Eddie Vink – Unknown Skater

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Eddie Vink – Unknown Skater Eddie Vink – This image was taken at a Skate park during a US Road Trip. We needed to works fast as a storm was brewing and wanted to get the shot before the rain. Unfortunately we did not get the skaters name but he made an excellent subject. Lighting.. read more →

Edwin Vink – Photographer – Thia Colorful Diner, Atlanta, Georgia, USA  – Edwin Vink If You See Some, Get Some! Edwin Vink – Photographer. “Skateboarding is all about utilizing the street and everything it has got to offer. I tried to light this so the skater would stand out from the background but not stir.. read more →

Image Copyright Eddie Think 2014

Edwin Vink – Skateboard Photographer Edwin Vink is a Skateboard Photographer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. read more →