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03 Aug 2014
August 3, 2014

Pet Photography – Bearded Dragon

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Pet Photography – Bearded Dragon Pet Photography – Bearded Dragon. As portrait photographers we are often asked to take portraits of pets, and in some cases unusual pets. read more →

Classic Portraits – Darren Smith Photographer Classic Portraits – Darren Smith Photographer. A big part of my style is simplicity. Whether it be lack of imagination or creativity I find myself being drawn to create simple, honest portraits. When I say honest, I mean true to the character of the subject you are photographing. read more →

Rich Maciver Professional Photographer Rich Maciver Professional Photographer – Is a UK based Professional Photographer, Rich Maciver grew up in the Highlands of Scotland and first picked up a camera to document his friends riding bikes – a passion that still sticks with him to this day. He graduated from Art School in Aberdeen, Scotland and.. read more →

Hi. I’ve ordered a v850 flash on Monday at around 1:30 pm and to my surprise the item was already sitting on my desk the following morning when I arrived at my office. That’s an amazing lead time! Best experience ever! read more →

Hot Stone – James Stone Photographer Hot Stone – James Stone Photographer – This series of shots was taken on assignment in the spa of a Vietnamese resort . For this shot I wanted a white background, I achieved this by firing my ES-600P bare bulb at the marble wall behind the subject at full power, effectively blowing.. read more →

Steve Galloway - Professional Photographer

Steve Galloway Professional Photographer Steve Galloway Professional Photographer Based in Nottingham, UK. Steve runs two photography businesses, specialising in commercial work with a focus on people photography and videography, and secondly a wedding business providing photography and video. Steve also works for the University of Nottingham as Technical Tutor on their Biological Photography & Imaging courses… read more →

James Stone Photographer – Vietnam – Resort Jame’s Website James Stone Photographer – Vietnam – Resort – It’s been a busy few weeks since my return from Vietnam (more on that later). Not only did I have a large number of images and video content to edit. read more →

James Stone – Professional Photographer I am a multi-award winning humanitarian documentary and portrait photographer working primarily in the NGO and charity sector. read more →

Edwin Vink – Photographer – Thia Colorful Diner, Atlanta, Georgia, USA  – Edwin Vink If You See Some, Get Some! Edwin Vink – Photographer. “Skateboarding is all about utilizing the street and everything it has got to offer. I tried to light this so the skater would stand out from the background but not stir.. read more →

Darren Smith

Darren Smith – Specialised Portrait Photographer – Darren Smith – Specialised Portrait Photographer based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Darren owns and operates a specialised portrait studio Fotoflair Photography, with his wife Danette. read more →