T-One Lighting. Off Camera Flash & Studio Lighting Product Overview

Off Camera Flash & Studio Lighting Product Overview

This a quick overview of some of the Studio Lighting Products that we stock. These studio lighting products have been chosen for their reliability and quality.

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 Q Series Photographic Studio Lighting.

studio lighting product

Professional Photographic Studio Lighting Equipment

The Q Series Flash is an outstanding studio lighting product. Ideal for wedding, portrait, fashion photography. This flash uses Digital Technology allowing photographers to also capture high speed images. Five Different Models are avaialble.

Main Features:
Fast recycling time 0.05-1.2 second. Up to 10 continuous flashes per second.
Ultra short flash duration 1/5000-1/800 second.
High color stability 5600±100k over the entire power range.
Wide-range and precise power regulation. Full power (1/1) to 1/128 in 50 steps (5.0-10.0).
Wireless power control and flash triggering system (optional) Special trigger wirelessly controls flash power level, modeling light, buzzer, etc

Q Series Studio Lighting Product Specs.

Model QT300 QT400 QT600 QT800 QT1200
Max Power (WS) 300Ws 400Ws 600Ws 800Ws 1200Ws
Guide Number(m ISO 100) 58 65 76 90 110
Color Temperature 5600±100k
Operating Voltage AC200-240V/50Hz or AC100-120V/60Hz
Power Output Control OFF,5.0~10(1/128~1/1)
Modeling Lamp (W) 150W
Recycle Time 0.05~1.2s 0.05~1.5s
Triggering Method Sync cord, Test button, Slave triggering, Wireless control port
Flash Duration 1/5000~1/800s
Fuse 8A 10A
Dimension Flash diameter?14cm, height of flash with handle 23cm
length of flash with lamp
cover 41cm
length of flash with lamp
cover 51.15cm
Net Weight Approx.2.7KG Approx.2.8KG Approx.3.0KG Approx.3.84KG Approx.4.1KG


EX Series Portable Lighting Flash Product.

studio lighting product

Professional Photographic Studio Lighting Equipemt

EX Series portable studio lighting product is designed for professional outdoor shooting.
It features a fast recycling time, less than 2.5s at full power (600WS).
Clear digital screen shows 9 steps of precise output controlled by CPU.
More than 180 flashes at full power (600WS).
Car charger is also available. Ex series contains EX400 and EX600.






Studio Lighting Product Specifications

Model EX400 EX600 EXR400
Max Power Output 400WS 600WS 400WS
Power Variation 9 steps
Guide Number 52 68 52
Modelling Lamp 12V 20W
Recycle Time (Full Light) 1.8s 2.5s 2.5s
Illumination Angle 65°
Rated Voltage Of The Charger AC 100V-240V 50/60HZ
Battery Rechargeable Ni-MH battery
Battery Charge Mode Outside connected AC charging/Automobile 12VDC
Battery Loading & Unloading Built-in (replaceable)
Full Charge Indication Green light


W Series Powerful Portable Flash

studio lighting product

Professional Photographic Studio Lighting Equipemt

W Series Portable studio lighting product system is has a bare tube, external power pack, wireless manual power control and a  range of dedicated light shaping accessories.

The W Series looks like a speed light, it weighs the same as a speed light but is 3 to 7 times more powerful.

It offers studio quality lighting either as a hotshoe studio flash or as an off-camera flash. Perfect for outdoor photography, journalistic and portrait shooting.






V Series Speed Light.

studio lighting product

Professional Photographic Studio Lighting Equipemt

V series camera flash is the world first rechargeable Lithium-ion powered hotshoe Studio Lighting Product / Strobe.

A  manual flash the V850 uses lithium-ion polymer battery instead of AA-sized batteries and external power pack.

This brings three advantages: fast recycle time, more flashes and convenience.

It is an all manual flash to fit camera flash brands e.g. Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus.






V Series Specification

Model V850
type Lithium-ion polymer powered camera flash
Compatible Cameras DSLR cameras with universal hotshoe, e.g. Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, etc.
Compatible Triggers Triggers of most brands.
Guide Number (1/1 power @ 105mm) 58 (m ISO 100) 190 (feet ISO 100)
Flash Coverage Manual zoom from 24 to 105mm
Flash Duration 1/300 to 1/20000 second
Color Temperature 5600K±200K
Rotation Angle Vertical -7° to 90°, Horizontal 0 to 360°
•Exposure Control   
Flash Mode M manual mode, S1/S2 slave mode, Multi mode, High speed sync mode
Flash Ratio 1/1 to 1/128 in 1/3rd stop increments , OF
High Speed Sync Triggering Provided. Up to 1/8000 second according to the camera. A high speed trigger e.g. Godox Cells II is a must.
Wireless Power Control Wirelessly control flash power ratio, focus assist beam, or buzzer, as well as trigger the flash. A FT-16S flash trigger is a must.
Multi Mode Provided. Frequency 1 to 199Hz and Times 2 to 100
•Flash Recycling
Power Supply Lithium-ion polymer battery pack (Godox VB18)
Battery Capacity 11.1V/2000mAh
Charging Time 2.5 hours with AC charger
4 hours with car charger
Power Saving Enter sleep mode after certain period of idle operation (time is user adjustable.)
Full Power Flashes Approx. 650
Recycle Time at Full Power ?1.5 seconds
Flash Ready Indicator Red indicator lights up when the flash is ready to work.
•Control Panel 
Flash Ready Indicator Wide LCD panel
Sync Mode Sync cord jack, hotshoe, wireless control port
Focus Assist Beam Manual on or off
Sound Beep Buzzer Manual on or off
Overtemperature Protection Function Activated after 20 successive full power pops or thousands of pops with low power output.
Sleep Function Provided. Sleeping time is 10 minutes by default. Time is user adjustable.
Power-Off Memory Function Settings will be remembered and recovered after a restart.
Size 19×7.5x6cm
Weight 410g (Li-ion battery not included)?530g (Li-ion battery included)